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In order to narrow the communication among our Institution and our students´ families, the parent – teacher association has been created. This has allowed parents to strength their participation as part of our SEK Educational Community.

Parent Chaperon Commission: Its mission is to help teachers in the organization of trips and outings, besides escorting students and staff for the adequate development of the activities.

Social Involvement Commission: Its objective is to organize activities in order to promote a strong coexistence between our SEK families and others that could include presenting other cultures, costumes and traditions. Our school will support those initiatives providing the necessary facilities to each planned activity.


Sport Parent Commission: The members of this commission will be in charge of organizing different sport competitions for students, parents and educational community. Winners are awarded in a special and formal ceremony.

Security Commission: Even though this commission is already conformed, it is open for those families who may also like to be part of it. The objective is to give a real pursuit to all the infrastructure improvements held in our School.


Professional Parent Commission: A group of parents who belong to different occupational fields gather together periodically to share with our students important information related to a variety of professions, their characteristics and  fields.

If it is of any parent´ interest to be part of one of the commission, please contact: 


Ana Mosquera

Admissions Director


(593-2) 2401-896 ext. 110

(593-2) 2408-824



In the SEK Educational Project, the most important function is fulfilled by the tutor, who after agreeing with the essence and methodology of the teaching - learning Institution own, becomes the link between the learner, teachers and their parents. The tutor knows each student personally and try to help in their problems. Collect your suggestions, motivates their aspirations and holds regular meetings with parents, who reported on the progress of his son, and collects them information so that students achieve better academic performance and the best personal development.

If you need to contact tutors, you can contact them to ask for a personal appointment through the school or to inquire via phone book, calling phone 2401896 school, or by email of each teacher


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