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School History

School History - SEK International School – Ecuador (Quito) School History


SEK Ecuador´s history began in October 1st in 1984, when a group of young professionals, under our President Mr. Jorge Segovia´s administration, started to trace a new educational horizon for the society in Quito: the highest rank of human excellence and academic performance for the men and women of the future.

It is gratifying to attest the evolution of our school after its formation. We started in a house located in 6 Avenida Diciembre and Orellana with great desires and expectations of the educational community. Not long after, we moved to our new and technology equipped location, gym with tempered swimming pool and rooms for arts, music, ballet, martial arts and our own kitchen and lunchroom, which contribute to become one of the most important schools in the country due to the extraordinary academic level of our students.

In search of offering academic education of quality, our school became a member of the International Baccalaureate Organization from Geneva, in April 24th, 1989. We were one of the first schools in Quito in offering the Diploma Program. Nowadays, we offer the Middle Years Program, and the Primary Years Program generating a diverse, open, flexible and participative methodology supported by our tutorial approach and the use of different technologies.

In 1995, SEK International opens its doors to students as young as three years old, and in 2002 welcomes two year old kids to our SEK family, which let us become one of the pioneers of early education providers. 

SEK International promotes a bilingual education establishing English as one of the pillars in our practice, granting the best educational quality in our students.

We also provide French language education in order to prepare our students to face the challenges of the future. Additionally, the students from Preschool until Fifth grade take Mandarin classes that allow them to prepare for this globalized world.

One of our goals is to promote leadership that represents an advantage in the personal growth of our students. This is why it is a tradition at SEK to invest every year in the Interschool Enterprise Project contest “The Company,” organized by the Junior Achievement Foundation of Ecuador. We are proud that during the last six years of our participation, our students have been awarded with the first places. In addition, our students have represented the country in international encounters in which they have won first and second place in Jamaica and Mexico.

The United Nations Model SEKNU is another educative – cultural event in which different schools from the country participate. Students not only learn about international politics, but also acquire a globalized vision of the world. SEKNU is a sample model of the United Nations. The success of this event is in the preparation and research of different topics to take a side in a debate where students represent their assigned country. 

It is also important to stand out that our school offers students opportunities to give back to our society by doing community service like adult literacy and reforestation in vulnerable areas of the city. They are also given the formation in moral values to provide them with tools to build social relationships, emotional intelligence, resilience, tolerance, solidarity, decision taking among others.

Due to our excellent performance, we continuously receive visits from universities and colleges of several countries such us The United States of America, Canada, Germany, England, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Italy, and China to offer  sport or academic scholarships providing our students with more possibilities to choose from.

Because we thrive in giving the best to our students, they have the opportunity to become part of international exchange programs to perfect their English level in The United States of America or England. Additionally, they have the chance to cultural and sport exchange programs worldwide, or the unique Green Week in Central America. Definitely, we offer endless possibilities.

This year, our institution turns 125 years old of history, always to the service of education. We mark a legacy of a reputable and well known international school.  


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