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Mission Statement

Mission Statement Mission Statement

Having more than a century of experience in the educational field, our daily work is inspired on institutional values that represent our ideology.

SEK International Institution develops human beings with an international mentality, based on the following principles:

  • The student and his/her world is the basis of the Institution´s life and teaching process, which respects him/her as an individual, stimulates his/her personal aptitudes and looks for his/her integral development and personal fulfillment.
  • SEK International Institution educates for freedom, facing this challenge by promoting students´ responsibility development towards their own actions.
  • SEK International School does not discriminate any members of the community.
  • SEK International promotes solidarity and hard working values in students as the primary factor for their personal development.
  • SEK International Institution, a human community, is open to any educational experience that has similar goals.




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