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Educational Project

Education Excellent Educational Project

SEK International Institution, founded in 1892, is an educational organization that includes Preschool, Primary, and Secondary levels in all its International Schools around the world. SEK Universities continue with higher education.

Every center of the SEK International Institution is officially recognized in the countries where it is established. Currently, SEK has a network of twenty schools which include Spain, Chile, Guatemala, Hungary, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, South Africa, England, Mexico, and the United States, as well as three universities located in Chile and Ecuador. 

We, in SEK, work with a holistic educational methodology, focused on a tutorial system and language proficiency development, as well as on emphasizing in the importance of maintaining an international approach in all our of educational programs.

SEK International School Educational Project, defines the scope of the following concepts: 

- Our Educational Project is a proposal that materializes the aim of promoting human being´s full development through specific educational activities. This, according to the objectives established by UNO and other international organizations, as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the Declaration of Children´s Rights.

- Education must provide students the means to develop their own innate qualities and attributes as well as the ones shaped by the community. These features make every person a unique and inimitable human being.

This Educational Project is composed by the strong combination of three elements:

  • The definition of the student´ s personality that will be developed during the search of his/her own identity,
  • The Curricular Plan, which is the sequence of learning tasks that enables an adequate knowledge of the self and the world.
  • The educational means and functional characteristics of each School, which constitute the cultural atmosphere that strengthens knowledge acquisition; whether these are within the learning process or within behavior achievement.

- SEK Educational Project is essentially guided by philosophic questions: what the human being is and where he/she is going; by a culture´s interpretation: what is the rationale for personal and social     development; and also by the acceptance of a pedagogic doctrine: education has inherent underlying values and uses appropriate technology that lets the student seize these values. 

- SEK Educational Project recognizes freedom and creativity, order and their institutionalism, ethics and respect for others, as the fundamentals rights that provide a deep significance to the individual existence.

- SEK Curriculum is based on the official plans and programs from the countries in which each School has being established. On this basis, constant improvement is always implemented.

- SEK School methodology, which fosters individual and team work, is diverse, open, flexible and participative. It is grounded on the tutorial system and on the implementation of a multimedia system.        

Our personalized teaching allows the student to receive an incomparable educational support.

Our students enjoy a variety of facilities and infrastructure that goes from textbooks to labs, sport centers, libraries, working areas, dining halls, culture classrooms and boarding facilities



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